The Anti-Fatigue Floor is REVOLUTION in the ergonomic flooring industry.
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Omara_Vs_TraditionalWhat Is Ergonomic Flooring & How Can It Help You?

Many jobs require employees to stand for many hours each day. The result is short-term and long-term damage to the body, which can hurt a company’s productivity. This whitepaper will discuss the study of ergonomics, why normal flooring causes health problems, and how O’Mara Ergonomic Sprung Floors can solve health-related issues as a result of long hours of standing during the work day.

WhatIsErgoO’Mara Sprung Floors Vs. Traditional Flooring

In the 1950’s a series of anti-fatigue flooring was created to help employees who’s jobs require them to stand for long hours each day. Here at O’Mara, we knew there was a better way to provide the perfect balance of shock absorption and resiliency that keeps workers going all day. In this whitepaper, you will find information on the different types of anti-fatigue mats that are commonly used in today’s workplaces and what O’Mara Sprung Floors can offer beyond that of the typical anti-fatigue flooring.

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