The Anti-Fatigue Floor is REVOLUTION in the ergonomic flooring industry.
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O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Standing Station

With the resilience of EVA foam and the stability of Ash or Maple wood panels underfoot, an O’Mara floor eases pain within minutes. Work days become filled with happier, more comfortable employees who work longer and more effectively. O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Stations provide a stable platform and superior cushioning for long days at work. These floors are designed for cashier stations, standing desks, and any place where an employee is standing in a small area for long periods every day. Unlike a traditional anti-fatigue mat, O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors will not degrade over time. The cushioning foam and resilient hardwood panels work in concert to create the ultimate in beauty, resiliency, and safety. O’Mara Floors are highly responsive, providing 70% shock absorption along with a return in energy which creates excellent resiliency, allowing for increased energy throughout the work day.

Our standard size standing stations come in both 15″ and 23″ depths, and in 2′, 3′, or 4′ widths. These anti-fatigue standing stations are designed with a slight outer radius, for a pleasing aesthetic, and a better fit for most applications. Custom options are always available! 2x2_maple_anti-fatigue-floor_x

• Stable Platform
• Superior Cushioning
• 70% Shock Absorption
• Durable, Slip-Resistant Finish
• Easy Cleaning with Water Only
• Stand Longer with Less Fatigue
• Erase Joint and Back Discomfort


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