The Anti-Fatigue Floor is REVOLUTION in the ergonomic flooring industry.
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O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors: The New Anti-Fatigue Mat

Made in the USA, O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors are the pinnacle of anti-fatigue mats. The ergonomic flooring and anti-fatigue mat industry has seen little innovation in recent decades. O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors have changed that. We’ve developed and refined our ergonomic sprung floors over the past two and a half decades; quality is evident in every aspect of an O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floor.

Ergonomic shock absorption emanates from closed cell foam blocks located beneath hardwood panels. Stability and resilience combine to support workers both standing and in motion. Our innovative ceramic-aluminum oxide finish allows for undeniably easy cleaning and maintenance for years of beauty, durability, and comfort.

Although each panel functions autonomously, it also works in concert with its neighbors. Precision tongues and grooves allow one panel to respond to the next. In installations over 3′ x 4′, O’Mara anti-fatigue sprung floors are held together with a patented post tension system. This system is what allows your floor to be custom sized to fit a given space, prior to leaving our plant. It also makes for simple installation of both large and small floors.


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