The Anti-Fatigue Floor is REVOLUTION in the ergonomic flooring industry.
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Value is intrinsic in an O’Mara Sprung Floor.


Quality is evident in every aspect of an O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floor. Our ergonomic floors have been carefully designed and crafted from day one. From the selection of fine hardwood veneer panels to the application of ceramic-aluminum oxide finish, no detail is overlooked. The moment you stand on one of our anti-fatigue floors, you will notice the difference. It’s no ordinary anti-fatigue mat. Our unique design, combined with the best materials available make O’Mara Sprung Floors an incomparable investment.


Standard anti-fatigue mats are an expense. O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors can go on the books as an asset! They are both portable and permanent; a custom solution for your space, and a piece of equipment that stays with your company, improving worker retention, happiness, and health. Made entirely in the USA, of locally sourced USA components, O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors are an economically sound choice. Their durability and performance far outlast that of any other anti-fatigue mat on the market. Besides that, they look great!

Improved Morale

The look and feel on an O’Mara Sprung Floor tells employees their company cares about their health and well-being. They can feel the shock absorption and resilience and see the quality. With fewer people complaining of aches and pains, the company will experience improved morale. There’s nothing better than a safe and warm, beautiful floor to lighten and cozy the work space; even a factory floor suddenly becomes inviting when you ditch the old anti-fatigue mats and install an O’Mara Floor. The right choice for your company is clear: O’Mara ergonomic flooring.

Improved Employee Performance

Our 70% shock ASTM shock absorption rating will make your employees feel better, leading to less employee turnover, fewer disability claims, and more productive energy. The physical drain of standing on a hard unyielding surface will be eliminated. They will think more clearly and be more productive both on the job and off, creating a great boost in quality of life.

Product life

An O’Mara Sprung Floor arrives custom sized and ready to install in your space. With our Patented Cable Tuned™ System, anyone can install an O’Mara floor. No carpentry skills are needed. The floor panels interlock with a continuous tongue and groove system. Just lay out the cables, connect, clamp, and tighten. It’s that simple! Our anti-fatigue floors are made with real wood panels, resilient foam blocks with a like-new performance life of over 20 years, and the hardest, longest-wearing urethane in the industry. Your floors will well outlast the employment term of the average worker. If you ever want to move your floors, or reconfigure them to fit a new space, you can. O’Mara Anti-Fatigue Floors are the future of anti-fatigue flooring. 

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