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O’Mara Ergonomic Floors Boosts Energy In Employees

There’s nothing like a long day of standing to drain energy from even the most enthusiastic employee. Whether working in an auto repair shop or standing in one place on an assembly line, hours of standing on the wrong flooring can quickly drain any employee’s energy.

With recent innovations in ergonomics, we have created a flooring system that not only helps boost productivity, but actually returns energy to employees who stand for long hours every day.

The problem with standing for long hours is your body – most importantly your legs – are not working. It’s important to distinguish the difference between resting your body and your body not working. While standing still seems like your body is resting, it’s actually quite the opposite. When standing for long hours, the muscles of the legs become stationary as the movement of the legs are restricted due to prolonged standing. The heart, in return, has to work hard to circulate blood in the restricted areas. This causes many underlying health issues, including extreme fatigue.

Our floors are designed to not only provide stability for employees who stand for long hours, but also provide great shock absorption in order to help keep blood circulating throughout the body. This, in return, prevents fatigue and provides more energy to employees.

Many employees work tedious jobs, doing the same thing day in and day out. If these employees are tired, sore and lack energy, production will slow down drastically in a work environment.

With durable hardwood veneer panels and an underlying cushion of foam pads, our floors are designed specifically to help employees remain healthy and energized throughout the day. With O’Mara Floors, you can be assured you’re getting optimal productivity from your employees. If your business has an environment where employees are expected to stand for long hours on the day, contact us today and allow us the opportunity to help increase production and morale in your working environment.

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